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GEN ANPIL FASON POU EDE AK YON VARIETE Opòtinite Volontè pou moun ak gwoup tout laj.

Volontè yo se pi gwo bezwen nou!

Nou opere sèlman sou travay volontè epi nou bezwen moun tankou ou! ​


Tanpri konsidere ede oswa pote gwoup ou a pou ede resevwa, triye ak rakroche don nan magazen an. Nenpòt kantite tan ou bay, kèlkeswa ti kras, se apresye. Menm kèk èdtan pa mwa ka fè tout diferans lan pou fanmi nou sèvi yo.


Si w gen kesyon sou volontè, oswa ou ta renmen pwograme gwoup ou a pou w sèvi kòm volontè, tanpri voye yon imèl ba nou nan

Enfòmasyon jeneral

Orè volontè



Orè volontè

Evènman espesyal volontè

We operate solely on volunteer labor and we need people like you! Please consider helping or bringing your group to help receive, sort and hang up donations at the store. We also have office jobs for volunteers with admin skill. Can’t come in? Help from home we have jobs from sorting clothes to marketing, social media and newsletters.


Any amount of time you give, no matter how little, is appreciated. Even just a few hours a month can make all the difference to the families we serve. Make a difference in lives of the families in our community: Volunteer at MHM.


We accept donations of used clothing, household items, baby equipment and toys. Volunteers sort and organize the donations and operate a boutique store where our clients can shop for their families for free! We also provide our clients with diapers, wipes, baby formula and new socks & underwear for free thanks to generous donors. 


We provide our clients with assistance in finding various resources for housing, food pantries, childcare, and scholarships. We also offer free classes for our clients such as Personal Finance and Home Energy Savings.


Volunteer Requirements


  • Be available during one of our time slots

  • Have a sincere interest in helping others in a caring, compassionate and dedicated manner

  • No phone

  • No shopping

  • Must be proactive on asking for more tasks and keeping busy


Age Requirements


  • Under 1 – Mom's can serve if baby is wearable or stationary

  • Elementary Schoolers - Can volunteer through Sorting Soldier program with parental guidance

  • Middle Schoolers – 10 and up with supervision on site

  • High School – 1st shift trial with supervisor review, then after shift will be evaluated for future shifts

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