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MHM supplies local mothers looking to help support their families by working at home, tools and training to make these one of kind bags from upcycled material donated by the community. 


Please select your theme preference and we will do our best to accommodate. All product designs will be randomized, but just as special! 


We will do our best to pick for you based on availability!

Gift Bags for Good - Wine Bag

  • These one-of-a kind bags are part of a bigger Mothers Helping Mothers full circle movement!

    Step 1: Upcycled material donated by our community

    Step 2: MHM supplies local moms with the tools, supplies, and training needed to create

    Step 3: Material carefully sewn & signed with love by the local mother who hand-made it and then sorted by our amazing volunteers ♡

    Step 4: Once an order is placed for a unique bag, it is hand selected, packed, and shipped back to the community - bringing this initiative truly full circle

    This process allows us to raise the funds necessary to run our free programs to support mothers and families in need throughout our community. It takes a village!

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