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Introducing MHM's New Learn & Earn REWARDS POINT Program


MHM now offers FREE classes, In Person and Online, for anyone wanting to learn and grow.

Class topics vary from finances and cooking, to parenting and pregnancy, and are taught by leading experts in the community - all here to help you grow and thrive.  


Earn rewards* like a free shop pass (with no appointment needed), $25.00 Visa Gift Cards, and an automatic entry to our annual toy day and other special events. 

Let's earn and learn together!

Ready, set, GROW!

How to Earn Points:


In Person Class:

15 pts - 1 hr class 

20 pts - 1 1/2 hr class

25 pts - 2 hr class

- Plus a free gift at each class 

- Plus free childcare with sign-up

- Plus free snacks during class

Live Stream Class:

10 pts - 1 hr class 

15 pts - 1 1/2 hr class

20 pts - 2 hr class​​


10 pts - 1 hr playgroup

(Online classes coming soon)

Points = Rewards:

Redeem points for Rewards:

50 pts - FREE Shop Pass

150 pts - $25.00 Visa Gift Card

500 pts - Automatic Entrance to our Holiday Toy Day 

PLUS - $25.00 Visa Gift Card to the client accumulating the most points EACH MONTH.

How to Redeem Rewards:

You will receive an email confirmation each time you complete a class, showing how many points you've earned. KEEP THESE EMAILS in a folder in your email. Once you have enough points, it's time to cash them in for a prize. 

Simply click the REDEEM button and log the points shown on your emails. 

Click to REDEEM

How to Watch On Line:

Can't make it here? - Watch Live* during any scheduled class and earn points from home. Must watch and respond to chat area and complete a end of class survey to be receive points. 


*This link works ONLY during a live scheduled class.

See class calendar for classes.


*Anyone can learn, meet new friends, and build skills in our classes In person or Online, but you MUST be an existing client to earn points and rewards.

*Rewards Notes:

  • Attendees must speak the language of class attended to qualify. 

  • End of class survey is mandatory after each class to receive points via online, live stream or in person.

  • Classes are free to anyone, but only registered clients can earn points. Please make an appointment to shop and become a client to earn rewards.

  • FREE Shop Pass - Shop for clothing, toys and shoes ONLY with no appointment needed from 10:00a -11:30a on any regular shop day or 6:30pm to 8:00pm 2nd Thur of the month. Does not impact your normal return date.

  • Gift Card are redeemed via email and are not transferrable

  • Walk-ins are welcome but childcare requires sign-up.

  • 15 minutes late or more, NO entry to the class, and no points will be earned.

  • Please come with enough time to park and register your child for daycare.

How to View Classes & Sign Up:

Feb 2024 all classes.jpg

Take a Closer Look

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