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Safe Sleep & Safe Ride Program

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Kenbe ti bebe an sekirite

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Mothers Helping Mothers 
Safe Sleep Program FAQ's

We have 3 ways to help moms in our community to have a safe place for babies to sleep. Please help us help babies to have a safe place to sleep.

Baby Crib

Crib Donation

We are not able to store cribs at the store location, so we have a Facebook group specifically for donating larger items and more. There are so many moms that both donate and are in need there. It's a great community.

Click the picture above for the link.

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Bassinet / Pack and Play 

We happily accept nearly new or new pack-and-play sleep yards and bassinets to give out at the store.

We are Safe Sleep advocates and we do everything we can to help babies in our community have a safe place to sleep. Many mom's that receive these items donate them back to help others. 

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Safe Sleep Program

We are a place of no judgment. So many of our moms in our community have found themselves homeless due to a lack of childcare, a lack of living wages at jobs, or due to a lack of affordable housing. Homeless moms and children are very vulnerable.

We give homeless moms of babies a fully stocked diaper bag that turns into a baby bed / changing space. 

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